XTRX – A Fairwaves tiny SDR

High performance Software Defined Radio in a tiny miniPCIe format. Embedded applications, massive MIMO, IoT, 4G/5G and space ships.



15 – Crowdfunding @ CrowdSupply

We’re temporarily stopping to update this site as we move to the crowdfunding stage. Please follow the further updates at our CrowdSupply pre-launch page:

14 – GRCon’17 slides

Check out slides from our presentation at the GNU Radio Conference 2017 and many other SDR related talks at the GNU Radio Conference 2017 website:

I sincerely hope video recording will be available soon as well!

A copy of ouf slides is embedded here: Continue reading “14 – GRCon’17 slides”

13 – XTRX testing on ARM

A few people asked us about ARM support and most of them were interested in NVidia Tegra, so we grabbed a NVidia Jetson TK1 development kit for testing. Simple cross-compilation of the driver gives us 22 MSPS right away: Continue reading “13 – XTRX testing on ARM”

12 – XTRX prototype update


XTRXrev3 in hands
XTRX rev3 prototype, hot off the press

Life of a hardware company is never easy. Every error in hardware leads to significant amounts of lost time and money. You can’t just roll-out a hotfix to fix an issue. Which is why we’re taking a rigorous approach to testing our hardware before releasing it to the public. But today’s update is not about testing. Continue reading “12 – XTRX prototype update”

11 – 2017.08 XTRX software status update

Most of the updates so far were related to hardware design progress, but hardware is nothing without software, so it’s time for a software update. Sergey has been putting massive amount of work into making sure XTRX software is high performance, flexible and stable. And making sure all most popular applications are supported. Continue reading “11 – 2017.08 XTRX software status update”

10 – GRCon’17 and XTRX rev3 ready for prototyping


Planning to attend GRCon’17? Drop us a message if you want to meet, or just find us there to chat!

Meantime we’re working hard to produce XTRX rev3 prototypes by GRCon’17 and show some cool demos. No promises so far though. Continue reading “10 – GRCon’17 and XTRX rev3 ready for prototyping”

Table of Contents

XTRXrev3 in hands

XTRX is a tiny yet high-performance Software Defined Radio (SDR).


Most important posts about XTRX:

  1. Tech specs for the XTRX
  2. MIMO and independent receive/transmit
  3. XTRX pinout
  4. XTRX pinout FAQ
  5. 33с3 Talk: Lessons learnt in building a low latency, high throughput PCIe based SDR


Featured post

09 – Status update

Andrey has just finished a redesign of the RF part of XTRX to reduce Tx-Rx leakage and external interference. XTRX has much stronger RF shielding now to protect the most sensitive parts of the RF chains and will hopefully pass our internal tests. Continue reading “09 – Status update”

08 – XTRX pinout FAQ

Answering most frequently asked questions about a carrier board design for XTRX Continue reading “08 – XTRX pinout FAQ”

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